Purchase your preliminary Unexploded Ordnance [UXO] risk assessment in 3 simple steps

Fellows International’s newly improved website went live in September and introduced a function which enables visitors to purchase a preliminary risk assessment online in 3 simple steps. The function has been utilised by new and previous clients since its launch, however has been recently updated to further suit consumer needs.  

A preliminary risk assessment is the first step in mitigating risks posed by Unexploded Ordnance [UXO] and is usually undertaken at the very start of a project. The preliminary risk assessment is a collation of information, gathered from a variety of sources, which assesses the likelihood of UXO hazard’s occurring on site. This information then determines whether further actions should be taken to minimise any risk identified. 

Step-1.jpgFellows recognised the need for an efficient and time-effective ordering process therefore engaged with their partners at Jellyfish Livewire to create a simple and self-explanatory format. The ordering process is split into three steps, which could take as little as five minutes to complete and submit.

Step 1 requires the site location. To ensure accuracy the client is able to select the area of interest in three ways: 

  1. Plot the area directly onto the map 
  2. Use the Browse tab to upload an image of your own map 
  3. Enter the address manually into the address field 

Step-2.jpgSteps 2 and 3 simply require personal and company details, along with payment information. 

When the order is placed it is automatically sent through to Fellows’ in-house Researchers who aim to complete and deliver all risk assessments within 3 working days. Upon completion, the risk assessment is uploaded to the Fellows International website for private viewing- an email will be distributed with instructions on how to view and download it.

It really is as simple as that! For many sites in the UK a preliminary risk assessment is all that’s required so save valuable time and order yours with Fellows International Limited. For sites with a more complicated UXO history Fellows can supply detailed risk assessments- if you are unsure which risk assessment suits your site, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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