Detailed Risk Assessments offer peace of mind for developers

Detailed-RiskAssessments-Fellows.jpgRecent Detailed Risk Assessments (DRAs) carried out by Fellows at construction projects in Southampton (Romsey Road Bridge) and Afan Way (Port Talbot) highlight the peace of mind that they provide for ensuring sites are safe for development.

Fellows, the UK’s Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) specialist, provides developers with a site-specific source of information that considers the potential risks of UXO. As an initial phase of the risk management process, the assessment enables Fellows and the client to estimate the likelihood of a UXO hazard being discovered at a site, by considering the development proposed and the construction methods to be employed.

A team of expert UXO researchers analyse historical information regarding site location, previous site development, wartime bombing records and military history. This information is considered along with site specific geology and ground conditions to assess the depth to which unexploded ordnance may have penetrated.

Once the local authority and national archives, bomb disposal team records and national geological surveys are collated, a clear and concise document is compiled. This provides an invaluable overview either providing an indication that development is safe to continue or, where appropriate, concluding with recommended further actions.

All of Fellows’ UXO Risk Assessments are compiled in accordance with CIRIA Report C681 (UXO – a guide for the Construction industry)

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