Preliminary Risk Assessment

A preliminary risk assessment (PRA) is the first step in assessing and mitigating the risk posed by UXO and is usually undertaken at the very start of a project, prior to any intrusive site work. 

The PRA is appropriate for all UK sites ranging from major construction projects to solar farm development.

Fellows will assess the likely potential of encountering UXO on a site, primarily focusing on the risk of locating unexploded WWI and WWII ordnance. The cost of a preliminary risk assessment is £100(+VAT).  

The preliminary risk assessment is based on historical information regarding site location, previous site development, wartime bombing records and military history. Much of the information is gathered from publicly available sources, supplemented by information held by Fellows from over two decades of producing this type of document.

For many sites in the UK, a preliminary risk assessment will be all that is required, however, where a potential UXO risk is identified, Fellows will make recommendations for any further risk assessment or other risk mitigation activities that could be undertaken.

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