Site Survey and Risk Management Options

Bespoke-Risk-Management-Plan.jpgFollowing a preliminary or detailed risk assessment it may be necessary to implement further UXO risk mitigation to reduce the UXO risk to an acceptable level. Fellows work diligently with our customers to develop a comprehensive risk management plan and ensure the most appropriate, cost-effective option is selected. 

There are a number of ways risk mitigation can be achieved depending on the specific risk identified and the recommendations made in the risk assessment.

Examples of typical risk mitigation activities might be: 

  • Munitions Awareness Briefing(s) – Fellows can provide a simple briefing for construction site staff of all levels on the UXO threat. The briefing will be tailored to the specific site and the threat posed in that area and includes topics such as; ‘what to look out for’ and ‘what to do if you find something’.  
  • Non-intrusive survey – This may be the most cost effective solution in some cases, however this approach is often not suitable for brown field sites or areas where there is a high level of metallic contamination in the ground. Fellows will work with the customer to identify the most appropriate, cost effective survey method. 
  • Intrusive Survey – There are a number of different ways to approach intrusive survey. Fellows will work with the client to ensure the most appropriate, cost effective approach is taken forward. 
  • UXO Banksman (Watching Brief) – Fellows will provide a dedicated UXO Engineer on site, to advise and assist site personnel as they proceed with the development. This may involve giving toolbox talks, surveying areas prior to excavation, advising plant operators and crucially taking control should a suspected item of UXO be found.
  • Bespoke UXO Risk Management – We will work with our client to identify any changes to the proposed development and/or construction methodology that could reduce the likelihood of a UXO encounter. 

Fellows will produce all the necessary Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) and will provide a detailed report on conclusion of any risk mitigation work. This ensures that the customer has a robust QA/QC trail and can ensure all appropriate precautions have been observed and has a detailed record of any residual risk that may remain.

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