As one of the first UXO risk management companies, Fellows have been supporting the UK construction industry for over 2 decades. 

Fellows have unrivalled experience delivering the UXO risk management process and are proud of our heritage and reputation for quality gained from our years of experience.

ciria-logo.pngFellows can support you through the whole risk management process and all of our services are guided by industry best practice, outlined in CIRIA Report C681.

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Get a Preliminary Risk Assessment 

The preliminary UXO risk assessment should be carried out as early as possible in the project lifecycle and is the best way to determine if there is a UXO risk present on a particular site. 
Fellows have an extensive database of information and skilled UXO specialists who can quickly and efficiently identify what UXO risk may be present at your site. 

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Report Comparision Table

Provision of Ground Investigation Support including Radiation Survey, Thurleigh Airfield

Provision of intrusive UXO Survey Support at Spitfire Quay

Provision of UXO Survey Support, Pall mall, Liverpool