Fellows have been supporting the UK construction industry with UXO Risk Management measures for over 2 decades. 

As one of the first companies to offer this service in the UK, Fellows have unrivalled experience delivering the UXO Risk Management process and are proud of their highly-regarded reputation for quality and cost-effective delivery.

Fellows can support clients through the whole risk management process from project start to final delivery. Services include:  

Preliminary risk assessment

A preliminary risk assessment is the first step in mitigating the risk posed by UXO and is usually undertaken at the very start of a project, preferably prior to any intrusive site work. Fellows will assess the likely potential for a UXO hazard to occur on a site, primarily focusing on the risk of locating unexploded WWI and WWII ordnance. 

Detailed risk assessment

The detailed risk assessment is site specific and considers in depth, the potential risk posed by UXO. The detailed risk assessment process enables Fellows to estimate the likelihood of a UXO hazard being realised at a particular site, by considering the type of development being proposed and the construction methods employed. 

Similarly to the preliminary risk assessment, the detailed version is based on historical information regarding site location, previous site development, wartime bombing records and military history. The detailed risk assessment considers these areas in more detail and further considers site specific geology and ground conditions to assess the depth to which an unexploded bomb may have penetrated. 

Risk mitigation options

If the risk assessments suggest a site is at risk of UXO, there are a number of risk mitigation options that Fellows can conduct. Fellows will provide advice on which option is recommended.

Site surveys

UXO surveys investigate the subsurface environment of a site to identify magnetic anomalies and to determine whether these could be buried UXO. It is a highly technical task that requires trained personnel and specialist equipment. Fellows work with the client to determine whether a non-intrusive or intrusive survey is appropriate.

Munitions Awareness Briefing(s) 

Fellows can provide a briefing for construction site staff of all levels on the UXO threat. The briefing will be tailored to the specific site and the threat posed in that area.

UXO Banksman (Watching Brief) 

Fellows will provide a qualified UXO Engineer on site, to advise and assist site personnel as they proceed with the development. This may involve giving toolbox talks, surveying areas prior to excavation, advising plant operators and crucially taking control should a suspected item of UXO be found.

Bespoke UXO Risk Management

Fellows can suggest any changes to the proposed development and/or construction methodology that could reduce the likelihood of a UXO encounter. 

Fellows will produce all the necessary Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), along with a detailed report on conclusion of any risk mitigation work. This ensures that the client has a robust Quality Assurance/Quality Control trail which ensures all appropriate precautions have been observed with any residual risk potentially remaining recorded.

All of our services are guided by industry best practice, outlined in CIRIA Report C681.

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Get a Preliminary Risk Assessment 

The preliminary UXO risk assessment should be carried out as early as possible in the project lifecycle and is the best way to determine if there is a UXO risk present on a particular site. 
Fellows have an extensive database of information and skilled UXO specialists who can quickly and efficiently identify what UXO risk may be present at your site. 

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Provision of UXO Survey support at Romsey Road Bridge, Southampton

Provision of Ground Investigation Support including Radiation Survey at Thurleigh Airfield

Provision of intrusive UXO Survey Support at Spitfire Quay