Fellows to purchase Cobra Mine Disposal System (MDS) for underwater UXO clearance

Fellows are pleased to announce that they are to purchase the Cobra MDS from ECS Special Projects Ltd. This will give Fellows an unrivalled capability to dispose of seabed UXO on behalf of offshore clients for wind-farm development, oil & gas use and humanitarian clean-up of former mined areas or explosive dumping grounds. 

German WWII Sea-mine prior to disposal at an offshore wind farm 

The Cobra MDS is based upon military technology and has been evaluated and used by the Royal Navy and other NATO navies as a low-cost UXO disposal tool. It gives Fellows a safe and flexible means of disposing of underwater UXO by commercial ROV in the UK or overseas. 

The flexibility is offered by the systems modular design whereby different explosive solutions can be utilised dependent upon the operating area and the target to be disposed of.

Cobra MDS can be used as a diver or ROV placed system and a variety of initiation methods allows a safe and effective solution. The use of a physical initiation system negates the use of electrical initiation and allows complete control of the EOD operation until the moment of detonation. 

Andy Ward, Fellows General Manager said: ‘I’m really pleased that Fellows have become one of the first UK based UXO Companies to take on the Cobra system. Twenty five years of military and commercial offshore UXO experience tells me that this is the right system to use and as a tried and tested method of UXO disposal it allows Fellows to offer the most up to date and effective UXO solution.” 

Cobra MDS UXO Disposal System


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