Fellow’s present at World War 2 bomb disposal event 

Wing-museum-talk-ORIGINAL.jpgFellows’ Operations Manager Jason Webb, was delighted to attend and speak at a World War 2 [WW2] bomb disposal historic event at the Wings Museum in West Sussex on 14th October 2017. The museum curator Daniel Hunt held the one-off event to educate visitors on equipment and techniques used by military Bomb Disposal teams during WW2. A variety of talks and bomb disposal demonstrations were provided, along with bomb and relic displays. 

Jason, a former Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Operator, was asked to talk about modern bomb disposal techniques and how companies like Fellows are still dealing with the hazards posed by historical ordnance. Jason focused his talk on the WW2 bombing that occurred over Great Britain, providing detail on a number of specific aspects such as:  

  • The various bomb sizes that were dropped 
  • The number of bombs the Bomb Disposal Teams were dealing with during the Blitz 
  • The average depth that bombs could penetrate to and the depth they could be discovered at 

Jason discussed with enthusiasm how Fellows are currently dealing with unexploded ordnance and the methods employed to minimise risk. To the audience’s delight, the talk ended with a question and answer session. 

The Wings Museum provides an in-sight into life during WW2 through the use of artefact and memorabilia items. A visit to the museum is highly recommended, particularly for those with an interest in historic ordnance and military aviation. 

Fellows International are always pleased and willing to support charitable events and small businesses like this so please feel free to contact them with any enquiries. 

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